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Women of the Raj
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With so many bookings now coming in from women’s groups it seemed logical to add a talk of specific interest to the ladies. I have written a dozen stage scripts (and one film script): nine produced so far, and three published. Following comments that I didn't write many good roles for women I staged a piece about the British women in India during the second half of the Raj. Called LETTERS FROM THE HEN HOUSE, it was compiled almost entirely from letters, diaries and memoirs of the period. Six excellent roles for the ladies, and only four men. I have used elements from that script together with some of the original research material in the preparation of this new talk WOMEN OF THE RAJ.
When the Colonial Administrators arrived to take over from the East India Company and the Army they were often accompanied by their wives: wives who spoke only English, who mixed only with the other wives, and who couldn't even communicate with their household staff. Wives who made great demands on their husbands. As one Indian wrote later "I don't think they realised what a menace they were. If the memsahibs had stayed in Britain there might never have been a Mutiny".
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Saumur ESU

WOMEN OF THE RAJ lasts 45 minutes, and requires no local equipment other than a jug of water and (if necessary in a large venue, or for a loop system) a microphone.


in a 16th century chapel in Beaufort La Vallee
as the setting sun caught the stained glass windows


WOMEN OF THE RAJ was the SOLD OUT talk at the BOURNEMOUTH LITERARY LUNCHEON CLUB on Thursday 12th February 2015.

WOMEN OF THE RAJ was the selected talk for the
at the Grand Hotel, LYTHAM ST ANNES 
on Wednesday 21st January 2015.

WOMEN OF THE RAJ returns for another
LITERARY LUNCH at Kipling’s old home BATEMAN’S Tuesday 16th February 2016
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